Non-Resident Landlord Withholding Tax (NLWT)

Effective 1st July 2023

Revenue have made a substantial change to the NLWT in line with The Finance Act 2022.  As of the 1st July 2023, a new system will go live making changes to the obligations of collections agents, tenants and non-resident landlords.

What actions need to be taken?

Non-resident landlords must now decide to either appoint a collection agent or the tenant to withhold 20% of the rent and send it to Revenue via the new online system.  The onus has been transferred to the landlord to file their personal income tax returns.  The withholding tax must be transferred to revenue within 21 days of the rental payment.

Full Revenue Manual

How can Madden Property Consultants help?

Madden Property Consultants have been acting as the collection agent for non-resident landlords for several years ensuring the 20% withholding tax is transferred to revenue.  This process enables Revenue to credit the landlord accordingly.

Below are some testimonials from existing non-resident landlords that we deal with:

“Madden Property Consultants have been managing my properties in Dublin for nearly three years. During this time, they have been withholding 20% of the rental income and transferring it to revenue. This has given me huge peace of mind ensuring that I am tax compliant in Ireland”

Zareena - Canada

“As a non-resident landlord, keeping up to date with the withholding tax proved difficult until Madden Property Consultants became my collection agent. Not only do they manage my property in the IFSC, but they collect and transfer the 20% withholding tax to revenue for me. This makes my annual returns very straight forward and keeps me tax complaint in Ireland. I would highly recommend Maddens as both a property letting and collection agent”

Damien – The Cayman Islands

“Maddens have been managing my Dublin 4 property since 2014. Since Sept 2021 Maddens have assisted in withholding 20% of rental income to ensure I am tax complaint. I have very happy with their service to date”

Donna, Switzerland

"Madden Property Consultants have been managing my two-bed apartment in Dublin 8 since 2018. To ensure I was tax compliant, Madden have assisted in withholding 20% of rental income since Sept 2020. Great all-round service from the Madden team."

Ashley, New Zealand